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Managed Printer Services

We provide managed printers through Our Authorized Lexmark Printer Dealership. We Provide a Cost per Copy (or CPC contract) to be able to provide excellent customer service and and fix issues before or as soon as they happen. We offer a wide range of printers from small desktop to high end copiers.

Lexmark M1242
Lexmark M1246
Lexmark M3250
Lexmark M5255
Lexmark M5270
Lexmark XM1242
Lexmark XM1246
Lexmark XM3250
Lexmark XM5365
Lexmark XM7355
Lexmark XM7370
Lexmark XM9145
Lexmark XM9155
Lexmark XM9165
Lexmark C2240
Lexmark C4150
Lexmark C6160
Lexmark XC2235
Lexmark XC4240
Lexmark XC4140
Lexmark XC4150
Lexmark XC6152
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Lexmark XC9200